Thursday, February 13, 2014

Paper and Teacher Supply Control - Type A style

So I've had this labeling and sorting problem since at least middle school. It is more like an obsession. If you've taught for any amount of time then you know that we have a ridiculous amount of paper work, extra paper, colored paper, cardstock, etc. etc. Not to mention all the supplies we need as teachers. Enter: my teacher work zone.

This little guy corrals all the paper that I need to access quickly:
1. Passes from other teachers or attendance. (You never know when there is going to be a question about a student's arrival or absence)
2. Blank passes - Our school has green passes that are a preprinted form. Mine stay in the second drawer away from students, I also keep passes I made for: (1) students to be excused from lunch to take a test (2) students to come up early for tutoring (3) students to go to practice/afterschool activity after tutoring and (4) bus passes for tutoring days. I've found that making a form where all I need is name, date, and initial has really smoothed out my after school time and the rush with the bell when many students don't complete a test.
3. Progress reports. We seem to do progress reports at every turn. Having them on my desk makes it easily accessible if there is a question about one being turned in at a conference.

My teacher wall of organization:
So...many...organizers. I love it! These bottom ones hold things like cardstock, lined paper, folders, hanging files, dividers, expos, pencils, magnets, stickerpads, extra post  it notes, ziploc bags, colored tape (duct tape, electrical tape, packing tape), and labels.

The far left tower is most of my colored paper - of course seperated by color.

The next tower houses my copies for the next week. Since I'm finally teaching the same thing twice in a row I am doing most of my copies for a unit at the beginning.

Originally the next tower was going to do the same thing for my other prep, but I've been using it to keep things for units: tabs for the INB, Table of Contents pages (copied in bulk), my Ticket Out the Door cards (post to come), etc.

Then there is all of my construction paper, once again sorted by color =).

Teacher Toolbox: By this point I feel like the whole world has seen this on pinterest. But here is my rendition.

This is where most paper that comes into my room is sorted:
Bought magazine files at Goodwill, garage sales, etc. and zip-tied them together. Made my lovely labels:
1. IMPT - aka, Important - This is where I keep our staff phone list and other things that I need to refer to relatively frequently. 
2-3. This is where I deposit papers after I've made copies before filing back in my binders. This helps keep things off my desk. I try to put everything back after about a week. 
4 - Office. These are the papers I get from the office or other staff that need to be filed in my cabinet. 
5- Paper - for those extra pieces that got cut. I reuse these when planning foldables or I just need small pieces. 
6- Duty - Here I keep clip boards for Sweeps duty (our tardy system), the reflection I have students do for lunch detention, write up forms, and dress-code copies. 

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