Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's the Little Things

Why is it that the simplest of changes can make our daily routines so much easier and organized?

I've done two things this week that have really helped my work flow:

1. Reorganized my bookshelf. I moved my set of binders for a prep I'm not teaching to a cabinet, moved mine for my current shelf down one, and then created a go-to place for frequently need items. Now I can keep a tub of teacher supplies (markers, highlighters, glue, colored pencils) separated and within easy reach. Then I have my binders of parent contact and student info for each block (1st - red, 3rd - blue, 4th - yellow). This is followed by my binders of resources for my current units. Finally I have my new favorite resources ever, a binder of algebra resources I bought (post to come on that!). The bottom shelf has various binders of resources (problem solving, graphic organizer templates, lesson planning ideas/models, classroom management tips, etc.)

Before the move, many of these things were just sitting on a random part of my desk, or under a stack of papers. Now I feel like it is so easy to get what I need and return it to an exact place.

2. Took out all my plastic utensils from their cover and separated by type.

So...this may seem ridiculous, but I hate wasting any amount of time...thus, when we were having another snow day = work day last week, I took my disgusting, broken paper bag full of drive through utensils (donations thanks to the parents) still in plastic or - more typically - plastic with just the spoon and/or knife left after I used the fork...and organized! Now once I make my lunch all I have to do is grab what I need. No more torn paper bag. No more searching for a bag that has something besides a knife in it.

Hey, every minute counts!

What simple things have you found save time and energy?

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