Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finally: A Homework Routine that Works for Me!

I feel like homework grading and collection is the bane of most math teachers' existence. I think I have finally done some things to make the whole process much better. 

Background - aka "The Old Way"
-Homework assigned every night
-I would go around and stamp the actual NB page while students worked on something else. If I felt rushed I would say I would check it later in class, sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't. 
-I accepted late homework at a unit test. I would take up NB and regrade as they took their test. 
-Since I accepted late homework, I just asked for homework questions and didn't project solutions
-It was hard for students to visualize how their homework grade was progressing. 

"The New Way"
-Students turn in their homework to a tray on my desk with their TOC attached. On the back of the TOC I have blanks for homework and classwork. 

-While they do their daily quiz I stamp their TOC page and might even write a note like "Solve" if they just set up questions or "Work?". I have one stamp for full credit (blue) and one for half (red)
-I don't accept late homework anymore. 
-I go over the homework and project the solutions. Students are supposed to correct them daily and I check at the unit test. Still working on making that go smoothly. But, I hope it will help some students see their answers/work is completely wrong (I feel like before I would have some clueless souls who didn't realize this until a test)

*When not in the process of being graded, their current TOC and homework for the night lives in a pocket we created in the front of the notebook*

I feel like this one thing has helped so much in establishing norms in my classroom and making all of our lives a lot more transparent. 

Now instead of collecting notebooks to record homework/classwork grades, I collect just their TOC on Fridays to add up the points for the week and record. 

What have you found works for you?

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