Monday, February 17, 2014

Factoring Game: Blend of block game/connect 4

First of all, let me say this activity is completely in debt to the great blogging world out there sharing there stuff.

Inspiration: Wanting a fun activity that gives students immediate feedback about being correct, with a little competitive atmosphere.

Topic: Factoring trinomials, a =1.


I've used Maria's block games frequently with great success. It is simply amazing to me how many more problems students will do in this format. Here is the link to her factoring block and exponent block games. I've used both of these, and she has others! I thought simple factoring would be an excellent way to adapt this game.

Enter:'s "Algebra Connect" game. The only thing I didn't like about the description was having a 3rd player as "ref". I wanted all students to be working and accountable, plus I made it for my lower level class and wanted everyone to get a lot of practice.

What do you know - the connect grid when cut up fits perfectly on the blank game board for the block game? All I had to do was write the answers on the back of the master, photocopy on card stock, and cut!

Set up for the game

Front of a piece

Back of a piece
1st Move

Notice I love the game boards so much I laminated.

How to Play (at least how we did)
1. Each player needs some sort of marker, I use the glass pebbles you see that I got at the Dollar Tree.
2. Player 1 rolls the two die, and goes to the column and row (4 - 5 would mean column 4 and row 5) and attempts the problem. They say their answer outloud and together with player 2, checks the answer. If they are right, they claim the spot. If they are wrong it stays blank.
3. Player 2 rolls and continues in the same way.

Goal: Can be whatever you choose - 4 in a row, most on the page.

I had some kids genuinely excited to play! And that's what counts =)

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