Monday, August 17, 2015

Plan with Me, the Type-A Mathland Way

So, by popular demand I am going to write a quick post of how I plan and what I use for planning.

I always start with the big picture. Usually digital although last year I did on paper. Click here to see my digital pacing for Math II and I

This is just a starting point for me to get ideas. Usually as time goes on, I will use post it notes on the monthly view in my planner and move things around. Different classes are different color notes.

Once I have the big picture done, I plan my weeks and days. This goes in the weekly view once I've decided on approximate pacing. (Pics from my Erin Condren planner from last year, I am using a large Plum Paper Teacher Planner this year but haven't used it yet). Here I keep more details of what I'm doing in class. In this planner the left hand page was Math II and right hand (not pictured) was Math III. I used an extra column for things to remember

Sometimes these plans were pretty bare bones, but other times there was a lot of writing. I found that I did the best when I kept my appointments and to do lists in my second personal planner. 

Why two planners?
1. My teacher planner is heavy! I don't want to lug that thing around in the summer when I don't need to. 
2. I need more room for tasks
3. I have other things I want to keep track of in my life planner (meal planning/prepping, weddings and events, etc.) that require more space

Here is what a typical day would look like when I was using my life planner as a checklist. You can also see my grocery shopping list on the side ;-). 

I will try to do a side by side comparison of my two teacher planners once the semester gets in gear and I've used both!

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  1. Wow — this is amazing!

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