Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 Action Steps from Make it Stick

1. First week discuss how we learn and how the course will be structured. School blog, class discussions, INB pages, parent letter, open house station
2. Teach students how to study: handout for INB and posted to website, include in first emails.
3. Frequent quizzing. TBD type of quizzing and how it will or will not be graded.
4. Keep providing inquiry and discovery activities. Require more reflection. Add journal to INB?
5. Continue spiraling Warmups and tests, add spiraling element to HW and class activities.
6. Communicate how and why I do it things with both students and teachers.
7. Ask ?s every few minutes of direct instruction and have them answer without notes!
8. Incorporate some element of free recall where they write everything they can remember from the day/week.
9. Try some sort of unit summary sheet page in INB where they synthesize and summarize material.
10. Be consistent in having students take time in reflecting on assessments, tracking learning, and reflecting on ways to improve. Both formally and informally.

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  1. Sounds awesome. When you figure out the unit summary for INB, let us know. I will work on this too! Good thinkin' Lincoln!