Saturday, July 22, 2017

Examples of my 5 - 10 SBG rubric in practice.

  •           Definitely check my prior post on my reasoning about how I grade. These are just some examples. 
  •     The important thing is being consistent with yourself with students' tests and across retesting. We might disagree within .5 (that’s the smallest increment I give) but overall students will end up grade-wise being about where they should be A = full grasp of all/almost all content in the course B= strong grasp of content with some gaps/misunderstandings etc.        
  •     I score honors harder and include more standards than a regular level class. These examples are all from a standard Math 1.
  •  Sorry I don’t have an example for every level for every standard. These are some standards from tests I pulled in maybe 15 minutes of looking through some sample work. These aren't complete tests, usually those are approx. one page front and back.

Grading Examples: 

 I hope those examples make a little more sense! These aren't necessarily the best ones, but I only had a few minutes to choose some and these were the ones I could easily put my hands on. As always, be in touch if you have any thoughts or questions!


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  2. Such a helpful post! How long does it take to grade a paper? Do you write a rubric or mentally create one? Tips for grading? I tend to ruminate too long on individual answers trying to figure out the error (to inform next steps in remediation or reteaching). Any thoughts or advice?