Friday, May 12, 2017


This year I've tried as much as possible to contribute to #onegoodthing as I find it helps me reflect on the positive and remember the little things! But over the past few weeks I have had a lot of awesome good things happen that it's too much to fit in a tweet!

It's crazy for me to think about how things have changed in the past month. I had written down some longer term professional goals and been looking for more ways to grow/be in leadership and literally can't believe all of the things that have come my way pretty much over the past 2 weeks.

- I'm (fingers always crossed) going to be teaching Pre-Calc next year for the first time (since student teaching). I am so crazy excited about this. First, I love the content and had fun with it in student-teaching and can't wait to actually get into it as a teacher, now with more experience! And I have an AWESOME colleague teaching the other sections of the class who I totally mesh with. We are already bouncing around ideas about the course, planning, and overall structure. She does interactive notebooks (not yet for Precalc) and is on board with SBG. (Btw I'm hoping to get her on twitter soon ;-) ).

- The rest of my schedule is great and what I asked for. I'll have the Precalc all year every other day, along with one Math 2 honors every other day. I've actually thoroughly enjoyed Math 2 now that NC has changed the standards and some of the content - it has been much more coherent and I'm excited to be at the refining stages of that course now. The rest of my classes will be semester block Math 1. Along with my Math 2 honors, that means I have mostly freshmen which I actually love =). (All these schedule things could shift slightly, but I'm moving in the right direction and very happy!). I'm also happy that I'm looking at 3 preps (not 4) and only one of those being new!!!

Now for my bigger and more surprising opportunities :
- I will be heading up the Math Academic Team for the school ("train" and go to competitions against other schools). I'm really excited to spend time with students who are kind of like me in high school and get to do lots of math together!
- I'm going to be cosponsor of Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society) next year. I've really missed being involved this year, but with being at a new school it was just a little too much to add to my plate this year. I'm hoping to bring some of what I did at my former school over and overall just have a great time!
- I'm going to be leading our Math 1 PLT (Professional Learning Team), basically just those of us teaching Math 1 trying to improve, share ideas, and reflect on what we are doing.
- Our district is doing a "Personalized Learning Cohort". I just found out today I was accepted as part of the first 20 teachers to work through this and develop model classrooms. It really is combining things I've already implemented like SBG and mastery learning, plus my videos and I'm excited to see how this pans out in the classroom and helping more of my students achieve mastery. Here's the graphic they are using to describe it:
A Path to Personalized Learning.png

I can't wait to get started (we will have a conference at the end of the school year for it) and think about how to take what I'm already doing to the next level and really hope this means I have more of an opportunity to try a more authentic SBG system - but we will see!

Thanks for reading =). I just wanted to share all my exciting news with y'all!