Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I'm Alive!

Sorry things went crazy for a while. I will be picking up the blogging baton this summer. I had a crazy end to my school year complete with trying a flipped classroom for the past nine weeks. Most of my energy has been directed towards that!

Here's what I'm thinking for the summer:
Management Monday- My main goal next year is to grow in classroom management. My boss gave me a ton of great books on it, so this is when I will review them and reflect on how to incorporate their ideas next year.

Technology Tuesday - I've done a lot this past quarter to incorporate technology into my classroom. I'll be covering: Flipping the Classroom, Google Forms for Assessment, Excel for Feedback, Excel for Projects, Incorporating Clickers and more.

Want It (Love it) Wednesday - I'm going to highlight products I'm drooling over, or have, love and want to share!

Thrifty Thursday - More ideas to save money and use things in a creative way.

Fun Friday - Collections of fun or creative ideas.

Sharing Saturday - I hope to post pictures of my INB units and share any of my own resources.


  1. Excited to read all your amazing ideas!

  2. May I contact with you asap. I need your advices and help